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New Boko Haram Leader Claims Responsibility For Deadly Kano Bombings

Mohammed Marwana,

New leader of the Boko haram group that has been in negotiations with the Federal government appointed “Amnesty Committee “presided over by a government Minister last night stated that his group executed the lethal Kano battles that eliminated over 40 people in the Sabo-Gari area of the Kano.

Mohammed Marwana, the new innovator, sent out an audio message gotten by Saharareporters. Mr. Marwana’s declarations in the audio yesterday included a brand-new swivel to the debate bordering the credibility of the faction of the Islamist militant group in talks with the federal government and current cases that the former innovator of the groups was deposed after he was shot.

Talking in Hausa language, Marwana pointed out the Kano bombs was executed to show that he is the genuine innovator of the sect due to the fact that people still doubted him and his group of mediators.

Hear him:

“I personally instructed the attack in Kano to prove to the world that, I am the real leader of Boko Haram because there have been retrogressive forces on the issue of dialogue, who kept doubting my leadership in the sect. I told them ahead that there will be attack, and it has happened. It is a warning, and we need to say again that we carried out the attacks in Kano”.

Mohammed Marwana,

The guy that claimed to have been designated leader of the sect exposed suppositions that the globally claimed leader of the sect, Imam Abubakar Shekau is now dead. Marwana explained that Shekau is still alive which nothing to him, except that he stopped being the leader of the sect.

Speaking further in the audio message, he mentioned:

“Shekau is alive contrary to speculations, except that he lost leadership of the sect. I will not tell you where he is, but he is alive, and we talked with him not up to three hours ago, except if he died while I am talking.”

There has been controversy regarding credibility of Marwana as a member of the sect and its leadership, as he was just recently dismissed by Imam Shekau in a Youtube video clip after he claimed that the sect had actually accepted cease-fire with Nigerian federal government.

Other credible sources in the know of Boko Haram activities in Borno and Yobe states, expressed doubt over Marwana’s claims as the leader of the sect, our sources separate interviews views Marwana as a stage managed Boko Haram figure created by government officials siphon off millions of dollars designated to ending Boko Haram insurgency in Nigeria.

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