AMAZING PHOTOS: Black Family Turns White, White Turns Black

Photo: Black family turns white

In the course of a new reality TV show in France a black family, consisting of a husband, a wife and a teenage daughter, becomes white.

Today they are unrecognizable with a new hairdo and encapsulating make-up.

They look like a typical white family. This interesting transformation was made for the French TV show called “Dans la peau d’un Noir” (In the skin of ab Black Person).

What is more, a white family also lived like a black family in the framework of the same show.

Christine Cauquelin, the director, explains the idea of the documentary,

“This is not a movie about racism because France is not racist in the sense of segregation, but rather to address the behaviours that are causing tensions.”

This idea was embodied to illustrate that people are treated differently because of their skin color.

Romuald Berald, 41, his wife Kitty Sina, 48, and her 19-year-old daughter, Audrey Verges was transformed into a white family.

While, Stephanie Lawrence, Jonathan Richier and their son Romuald Richier were chosen to be transformed into a black family.

Photo: White family turns black

When the families were chosen, a show team spent 6 months developing pigments and wigs, and ten weeks preparing the materials and to test them.

Then it took several hours to apply all layers of white spray paint, and to do their hair and makeup.

Finally, the families were “ready” and everyone who saw them, were shocked with their new looks as they couldn’t recognize the new people.

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