Nigerian Immigration

Nigeria Immigration Services before 1958 was under the direct control of the Nigerian Police Force. The procedure for extracting a visa to Nigeria was just too simple and a lot of people took advantage of this weak point to access the country for personal benefit. After the hand over of the immigration responsibilities of Nigeria to Chief Federal Immigration Officer, several new rules and regulations have been implemented regarding acquisition of visa and work permit to Nigeria. Presently, the application visa application in Nigeria can be distinguished as two types, the STR Visa and the temporary wok permit.

Under the Section 8, subsection 1 of Nigerian Immigration Act, employment to a foreigner under the Federal or State Government can only be granted, if the Comptroller general of Nigeria grants the permission of the same. Section 33 mentions the requirement of a written application being made to the comptroller. The STR Visa is usually valid for 90 days at a stretch and approval of the request is accompanied by a Residence Work Permit.

This kind of work permit is granted directly through the reference of the Comptroller General of Immigration of Nigeria and is usually granted through the NITEL offices via cablegram. Such work permits are usually granted for 30 day period for such works as, repairs of machinery or equipment
Erection or installation work, auditing of accounts, feasibility studies, research work and the likes.

Other Nigeria immigration services include registration of outsiders in Nigeria.