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Meet One of Nigeria’s Biggest “Made-in-Nigeria” Shoe Brand CEO, YNorth #StarsConnect



GUEST: Babalola Bamiro Oluwaseun

Babalola Bamiro Oluwaseun is the Chief Executive Officer of YNORTH Shoes, a Nigerian-made shoe company based in Ibadan, Oyo State with branches across Nigeria. He speaks about his vision and plans for the company and how he intends to remain on top of his game.




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Ynorth: Thank you

Can we know you please?

Ynorth:  My name is Babalola Bamiro Oluwaseun. I’m the CEO of Ynorth wears, and we are into shoe making, we produce quality shoes.

What prompted you to start your career?

Ynorth:  The story of YNORTH actually started when my girlfriend, now my wife, bought me a pair of leather slippers some years back. I noticed that everywhere I wore the slippers to; people kept asking me where I got it from and begging me to get one for them. So, I told my wife to invite the man who made the slippers for her. The man produced about five slippers for these people and before I knew it, more people kept requesting for more. So, I was forced to call the man to see how I could partner with him. That was how the journey started for YNORTH, and we are grateful to God for how far we have come.


How did you come across your Brand Name YNorth?

Ynorth:   When I had made up my mind about making shoes, I was discussing with the man that produced the first set, and in our conversation, we were really emphasizing on the word “Why not” and the word got stocked in my brain, so I decided to re phrase the word Why not to Ynorth.

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What motivates you?

Ynorth:   What motivated me was the drive that I have always wanted to be an entrepreneur, I actually dint start as Ynorth, I started with other platforms, I sold Tampico in lagos, was trained to sell GNLD products, and lots more was also trained on how to start your own business.

What exactly do you hope to achieve with your career?

Ynorth:  Presently, we are not doing badly in the market; I can say we have conquered the south west. Though we are working on opening more outlets.

Where do you get your materials from?

Ynorth:   We get our materials from different parts of the world, In Nigeria we majorly get our materials from Aba , Onitcha and Lagos. We also get materials from Italy, china most times.

Tell us the part of your job you enjoy most?

Ynorth:  I enjoy it when I walk to a mall or a store and I see people wearing Ynorth products, it makes me happy.

What is your greatest achievement so far?

Ynorth: unluckily for me, I lost my dad in 2003, so he was not there to make decisions for me and my mum supported me after a while. I had to convince them that I want to follow my dream

 What’s your future plan for Ynorth wears?

Ynorth:   By God’s grace, Ynorth was 5years last Dec; I’m looking at having more outlets all over the country in the next 5yrs, having a branded shop so people can get Ynorth products anywhere in the world.

What are your challenges so far in your career?

Ynorth:  When we started, we had a challenge of producing a lower quality based on the trust we had on the people involved in the production, we also had challenges amongst the people we were working with to outsource based on the machinery tools, But now we outsource about 30% of our production.

Is there any ongoing project?

Ynorth:  Presently, Aside production and working on the team tagged ‘I deserve a new shoe’ in creating more awareness and exposing the brand, no major project.

Advice to people interested in your career?

Ynorth:  My advice to them is, firstly to have a dream and be focus

My Name is Bamiro Babalola Oluwaseun I’m here live at StarsConnect Studio, Networking with the Stars.

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