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Another Nollywood Star celebrates birthday- Desmond Elliot


desmond elliot nNollywood A-List star, desmond elliot became a year older yesterday, 4 February, 2014, and his close friends amazed the star, supervisor and producer when it comes to a ‘small’ party.
Many of his fansdid not know about the birthday, those close to him says he has a routine of making it low-scale.
desmond elliot was born to a Yoruba dad and an Igbo mom, and because of this, he explains himself as being a Pan-African.
He got his primary education and learning at Air Force Primary School and later on went to St John’s College, both in Jos, Plateau State, nigeria. Desmond is a 2003 graduate of Economics from the Lagos State University.
Desmond began acting by playing roles in daytime soap like ‘Everyday People’, ‘One Too Much’ and ‘Saints and Sinners’, and today, he is among Nollywood’s leading actors, having acted, directed and produced over 2 hundred films including Men Who Cheat, Yahoo Millionaire, Atlanta, Bursting Out, Holding Hope, Nollywood Hustlers, Before the Light, Edikan, Okon Lagos, Final Tussle, Guilty Pleasures and many others.
In 2008, Elliot co-produced and co-directed the film ‘Reloaded’ which got 3 nominations at the African Movie Academy Awards in 2009. In 2009 and 2010, he was nominated for the Best Actor group at the nigeria Entertainment Awards.
Happy birthday Desmond!

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