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Good News! Price of Rice, Other Food Items Drop In Kano

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Prices of food items are coming down as new harvests reach markets in Kano state.

A survey conducted by NAN revealed that prices of some grains have drastically reduced but rice, still experiencing high demand, remains costly but with slight drop in price.

A bag of maize is now selling for N10,000 as against N13,000 it sold last month, while a measure cost N357, down from between N470 and N500 previously.

Price of a measure of millet has equally dropped from N360 to about N250.

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The price of a bag of rice, which sold for N19,000, is now selling at N17,500 while a measure cost N700.
Some consumers, who spoke with NAN, expressed optimism that the prices of food items would crash further before the year ends.

Sani USman, a consumer, said the current economic hardship would end when there is massive food production.


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