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La Casera: Apple Drink Supports Schools With Sponsored Airport Excursions


Every day we look around us, we see them – on the streets, in the market and just about everywhere we turn to. So, imagine what a day at the airport would do to a child from such a home?

La Casera Apple Drink has taken this sole responsibility of sponsoring schools on excursions to Murtala Mohammed International Airport.

This, the La Casera Company Plc has been shouldering and will continue to do for schools that are committed to expanding and broadening the horizon of their pupils’ imaginations.

These might just be trips to the airport for a lot of us, but imagine what it is for a child in Mushin who has always imagined airplanes to be birds in the sky, imagine how much of an impact such a child’s realization that airplanes are indeed bigger than they seem in the sky and are not birds, but a means of transportation built by the imagination of other men.

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Imagine how impactful such an imagination would be in the life of such a child that has constantly been limited by hopelessness.

Imagine, just imagine!

We love to hear the children chorus – “Thanks to La Casera” – We love this drink!

This is a feature by La Casera.

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