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LG Electronics Introduces Evercool Smart Inverter Refrigerator into Nigerian market

Evercool Smart Inverter Refrigerator, LG Electronics

Power supply in Nigeria is unstable with an average blackout time of 8 hours per day; these outages have been of major concern to many households as it is apparent that most foods will not remain safe in the refrigerator without power for long as they go bad within 4 hours of power outage.

In a bid to salvage the situation, LG Electronics, Nigeria’s leading brand in Home Appliances and Consumer Electronics has launched into the Nigerian market, 5-star rated frost-free Evercool Smart Inverter Refrigerator which can be powered with inverter, solar panels or generator ensuring that cooling is not in any way interrupted during power cuts.

The event which held at LG Brand store in Ogba- Lagos was aimed at meeting the needs of Nigerian consumers distressed by constant power cuts who feel the need to have fresher foods as well as innovative technologies and products.

The LG Evercool Smart Inverter Refrigerator comes with the Inverter-ON mode feature which is automatically activated during power cut. The working Mechanism of “Inverter-On” is based on MICOM (mini-computer) which automatically detects the change of input voltage from Power-Cut and converts Normal Mode to “Inverter-On” Mode. Inverter-On mode automatically adjusts the temperature for both fridge & freezer compartment slightly higher to use the battery longer by consuming less energy.

Speaking at the event, Managing Director, LG Electronics West Africa operations, Mr. Seonghak Kim said: for us at LG Electronics We are excited to be unveiling the much awaited LG Evercool Inverter Smart 2.0 Refrigerator specifically designed for the Nigerian market with its inverter compatibility technology to keep food fresh even during power outages. The new Smart inverter compressor refrigerator fully meets international standards and is indeed one of the most advanced and energy efficient compressors you can find anywhere in the world”.

More than 1 billion tons of food is wasted annually in Africa due to poor storage facilities and limited cold storage. Owing to the fact that Evercool smart inverter refrigerator can optimize and keep the temperature lower during a power cut, LG Evercool refrigerator is capable of saving users money as it reduces unwanted food wastage as it can work during power cut. Although there are misconceptions about the use of Inverter with refrigerator as many believe it will consume more electricity as well as dramatically shorten the battery life, with the Inverter-ON mode in the Evercool Smart Inverter Refrigerator. It guarantees longer battery running time and optimum energy saving. 

In his address General Manager, Home Appliances Division, LG Electronics West Africa operations, Mr Hyunwoo Jung disclosed: “Power supply in Nigeria is unstable. With an average blackout time of 8 hours, most people own inverter, solar panels or generators to ensure uninterrupted power during power cuts.

When power goes out the LG Evercool Smart Inverter Refrigerator activates “Inverter-On” mode; this ensures that cooling is not interrupted in anyways. This consumer-oriented mindset has been at the heart of our success from inception. LG Evercool Smart Inverter Refrigerator has come to solve the problem faced by households as a result of the constant power outage that is the reality in Nigeria today. It sets a new standard in the industry and help make lives smarter and better”.

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LG Evercool Smart Inverter Refrigerator comes with LED bulbs, Multi air flow, moist balance crisper box which controls the humidity level in the box in order for the vegetables and fruits to stay fresh for a long time; the refrigerator comes with the Superchill button, which enable users get faster cooling within minutes at the press of a button; there is also the tempered glass shelves which are capable of carrying items weighing up to 150kg.It also sports a high glass finish creating an opulent glow that accentuates the décor of the consumers’ living space.

Also speaking at the event, Managing Director, Fouani Nigeria Limited, Mr. Mohammed Fouani said: “LG Evercool Smart Inverter Refrigerator is inverter, solar panel and generator compatible; it comes with exciting features that make for optimum health as it keeps food fresh and healthy. This new refrigerator comes with the highly reliable new smart inverter compressor which is backed by 10 year warranty for complete peace of mind”.

The Evercool smart invert refrigerator comes in scarlet Florid Red color with flower pattern; its bold bloom and glow brings the much needed spark and zing to kitchens and living spaces. It also has a unique deodorizer known as Z-deodorizer which eliminates bad odors and keeps the refrigerator smelling fresh all the time.

LG Evercool Smart Inverter Refrigerator also comes with a feature known as Low Voltage Start-ability (LVS) and High voltage safe (HVS); LG LVS prevents the compressor from excessively low voltage or high voltage supply; Owing to this, the refrigerator performs efficiently even in very low or very high voltage conditions even as low as 90V and as high as 300V. The LVS and HVS feature ensures that food stays frozen without an additional cost of purchasing a stabilizer. Strengthened by the New Smart Inverter Compressor; LG Evercool Smart Inverter Refrigerator offers up to 36% more energy efficient than 3 star rated Refrigerators.

Taking a revolutionary leap in compressor technology, the new smart inverter compressor is one of the most advanced and energy efficient compressor. The compressor automatically adjusts its compressor speed in response to cooling demand as per the quantity of food kept inside the refrigerator. Another benefit of the inverter compressor is that it keeps noise to a minimum level which leads to lesser power consumption. There is reduction in wear and tear on the compressor for greater durability of 10 year.

Specifically engineered to deliver outstanding energy savings, new levels of convenience, unrivaled performance and numerous enticing health benefits, LG Evercool Smart Inverter 2.0 Refrigerator is packed with a host of innovative smart technologies. LG refrigerators aspire to make a better tomorrow.

With the introduction of the LG Evercool Smart Inverter Refrigerator LG Electronics has once more demonstrated that it is committed to churning out forward-thinking and innovative products that addresses the peculiar needs of consumers in Nigeria.

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