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Vet, Security Personnel Swoop On Butchers Using Tyres To Roast Animals


Veterinary personnel from the Agriculture and Rural Development secretariat of the Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) and security personnel have moved to stop the practice whereby butchers use tyres to make bonfire with which, they used to remove the hairs from the slaughtered animals.
Recently, they raided Abuja livestock market in Deidei, in the Federal Capital territory, where used tyres and other plastic materials were used by butchers in preparing animals for human consumption.

The market, built by the FCTA and concessioned to a private company, has modern slaughter facility, but this reporter learnt that most of the butchers preferred taking their animals to a nearby slab where they are slaughtered and prepared under unhygienic condition.
The activities of the butchers have generated untold hardships not only to other users of the market, but also to nearby residents, as the thick smoke and flying particles from their fire, found their way into people’s noses, buildings and unto clothes thereby endangering their health.
An official of the FCT agric secretariat, who spoke to our reporter on condition of anonymity, said that the recent action followed numerous petitions lodged with the headquarters, but without any action taken on them until recently when some changes and transfers were carried out in the department.
Veterinary personnel accompanied by members of the civil defense corps, seized a number of used tires and other plastic items from the butchers during the operation which were later destroyed at the premises of the market.
Effort to speak to the new manager of the market by our reporter was not successful, but some residents contacted in the neighbourhood could not hide their joy about the new measure.
Already, the butchers are said to have resorted to the use of firewood and planks in carrying out the roasting of slaughtered animals.
This reporter gathered that there is a new arrangement between the butchers and the market management to supply them with roasting stove from Kano State which is said to be more efficient in roasting animals and also economical.
It was also gathered that the butchers have been provided with some working tools, comprising overall jackets, rain boots and mouth guards by a group of students from Germany, who visited the site on excursion, after securing permission from the FCTA.

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