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5 Things No Nigerian Aircraft Will Allow You Bring On-board


So it is your first travel by air and you are wondering what the experience will be like, what is expected of you and what you may or may not put in your luggage. Well, just so we answer your curiousity and put you above other first timers, INFORMATION NIGERIA brings you a list of those prohibited items, in this piece…


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Firearms, Guns, and Weapon:

Pistol, revolvers, rifle, shotguns, catapult, pellet guns,toy-guns of all types etc.


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Pointed/Edged Weapons & Sharp objects: Axes, hatchets, arrows, darts, crampons, harpoons, spears, ice axes, ice peaks, knives, scissors, machetes, razor, blades, saws, screw drivers, hammers, wrenches, spanners, etc.
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Blunt Instruments: Baseball or Softball bats, billiards, snooker and pool cues, clubs or batons, crickets bats, fishing rod, golf clubs, hockey sticks, martial arts equipment, skates boards.

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Explosives and Flammable  Substances: Aerosol, spray paint, alcoholic beverages exceeding 100ml, ammunition, blasting caps, detonators and fuses, explosives and explosive devices, fireworks, flares, toy caps, petrol/gasoline, diesel, lighter,fluid, gas container, grenade of all types, paint thinner, etc.

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Chemical and toxic Substances: Acids or alkaline(Spillage “Wet” batteries), bleaching substances, chlorine, disabling or incapacitating prays (mace, pepper sprays, tear gas), fire extinguishers, infectious/biological, hazardous materials (infected blood, bacteria and viruses, poisons, radioactive materials).
Military/Paramilitary Personnel are advised to notify airlines of their firearms, guns and weapons before boarding –

So go ahead and have a safe trip!!!


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