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Carla Hayden Becomes First Woman and African-American to Head Library of Congress

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Carla Hayden has been sworn in as the first African American to head of the Library of Congress.

She placed her hand on a Bible used by Abraham Lincoln, which President Barack Obama also used during his inauguration, and was sworn in by Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts.


Hayden becomes the first woman to hold the position, which dates back to the origin of the nation. Since its inception in 1800, all 13 librarians of Congress have been white men. President Barack Obama nominated her for the position in February to fill the vacancy left by James Billington, who resigned last September; Vox Culture reports.

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In an official statement after her swearing in, Harden said, “I will be honored to build on the legacy and accomplishments of my predecessors in this position to be part of a continuing movement to open the the treasure chest that is the Library of Congress even further, and to make it a place that can be found and used by everyone”.

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