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Meet Adrianne Lewis, The 19-yr-old Girl with the World’s Longest Tongue!


According to Dailymail, Adrianne Lewis, from Michigan, says her tongue is an unbelievable four inches long, giving her the unique ability to not ly lick her nose, chin and elbow but also – shockingly – her eye.


Her long reptile-like tongue has gained her global recognition. But, she might one day enter the Guinness World Records as having the longest tongue in the world.

The current record holder Nick Stoeberl, whose tongue reaches just 3.9 inches is yet to find a worthy challenger.

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Adrianne said: ‘I feel as though I may have inherited it but I think with time and me sticking out my tongue a lot as a kid could have stretched it.

‘My mum, grandmother and my great grandfather all had very long tongues.”

Most people are unable to touch their noses with their tongues, but that trick is child’s play for Gerkary Bracho. Her tongue is long enough to touch her elbow, ear and eyelids.



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