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Do You Remember This Child-Bodybuider? He’s Now 24

child bodybuilder

The world couldn’t believe that such a young boy can have such muscles, but Richard’s abilities were really astonishing: he could make a bench press with the weight of 80kg at the age of 6!

Fifteen years ago, rather than real-life Barbies and botched butt jobs, the world was fascinated by an 8-year-old bodybuilder called Little Hercules (real name Richard Sandrak).

His extreme physique made him front page news. He went on to be named World’s Strongest Boy at just 11.



But now he’s reached the grand age of 24 and he’s changed *quite* a bit.

He’s given up weight-lifting, embraced his dadbod and has a hipster beard and ponytail.

He was born in the family of sportsmen whose life was connected with fitness and exercises. Young Richard followed their example. His father was a marital arts champion, and his mother — an aerobics competitor, so they spared no expense and even hired for the son a personal fitness trainer.


At the age of eight, Richard was lifting weights unbelievable for his age. In addition, he could make the full leg-split and even touch his nose with a toe like an acrobat. Of course, unique possibilities of his body became sensation, and Richard’s photos began to spread over quickly.

People discredited the ethical side of what parents did towards the child. They thought that intensive trainings in such age may be harmful for him

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When Richard was 11, he was named the strongest child in the world. However, soon Richard’s life changed unexpectedly: his father was arrested for harsh treatment of wife, and after this Richard left weight-lifting and cut off relations with his father.

At the age of 24, Richard Sandrak was no longer looking like the “Little Hercules.” Till that moment he lost all muscle mass gained in childhood, grew a beard and turned into the real man.


Instead of keeping himself in shape as a body-builder, Richard is engaged in skateboarding and is experimenting with the new tricks. According to him, trainings at the gym are very boring for him, and he needs something more.

However, Richard has new passion, and you will unlikely guess which one. Sandrak appears for a stunt player on the exhibitions in Universal Studios Hollywood Waterworld, and he is comfortable with the fact that he is all covered with fire at least five times a day.


He doesn’t regret about his past but stresses out that he wants to keep on moving and developing in life in different directions but not to stay on one place. You may be surprised, but Richard even dreams about becoming a scientist in quantum disciplines and to work in NASA.

In any case, we wish Richard Sandrak success in all his beginnings. Because, a person should choose his destiny himself and become whom he wants himself.

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