5 Most Embarrassing Nollywood Movie Titles Ever

 It’s one thing for a movie to be awful, it’s another for it to also come with an awful and embarrassing title.

Over the years, we have seen funny (though annoying) titles – titles like “Rihanna and Beyonce,” “Blackberry Babes” among others.

We have also seen titles that are bad in a funny and embarrassing way. They leave the viewers asking “Are these part of Nollywood? and ” Does the brain behind this still have a job?”

Check out five most embarrassing movie titles to come out of Nollywood. Here we go;

1. Spider Girl

Starring Regina Daniels as the supposed female superhero, the movie are produced by James Oguejiofor, the very ‘’entertaining’ effects by John Jerry Kuyembeh, and directed byOzoemena Nwakile and Ilochi Olisaemeka.

2. The Bat-man

A spin-off to the above mentioned “Spider Girl” movie, “The Bat-man” was produced by the Oguejiofor, and starred Daniels alongside other Nollywood actors.

The ‘superhero’ movies have two ‘seasons.’

3. Ben 10

No doubt the movie is probably entertaining and hilarious, but we are also sure it could have done better with its title.

The movie stars top comedy actors Sam Loco, Chinedu Ikedieze, Osita Iheme among others.

4. Chocolate Pinging Salon

One look at the embarrassing title and you know what to expect from the movie. “Chocolate Pinging Salon,? one would have to understand the title before proceeding to understand the movie, and this title is one of those you can’t give an English meaning, even if you tried all day.

5. Tear my Bra if You Can

This title proves how difficult English Language can be. What does “Tear my Bra if You Can” mean? It’s a simple sentence, but somehow, Nollywood found a way to make it one of the most embarrassing titles ever.

What’s the most embarrassing Nollywood movie title you’ve ever heard?

Watch “Spider Girl” below.

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