5 Rap Stars Who Have Gone Gaga


Check out this list of five Hip-Hop stars who are infamous for their bizarre and eccentric behaviour.

Celebrities are known for doing crazy things like Michael Jackson dangling his baby off a balcony, Britney Spearsshaving her whole hair, and Bruce Jenner transforming toCaitlyn Jenner.

It’s a mad crazy in the world of entertainment when the spotlight is always on you. While we have hundreds of celebrities going crazy we are focused on rappers who have gone off the bend in recent years.

Below is a list of five rappers who have gone gaga.

Mos Def in South Africa

1) Mos Def

This revered rapper recently made headlines for trying to leave South Africa with a ‘world passport’. The 42-year-old who now goes by the name Yasiin Bey was arrested. He entered South Africa with a US passport in 2013 but when he tried to leave the country he used a ‘world passport’. Mos Def or Yasiin Bey’s behaviour has been off in recent years. He has been leaving like a hermit and hardly releases new music. Mos Def was highly revered in the late 90’s and 00’s only for his career to fizzle out thanks to his weird decisions.

Kanye West after hitting his head on a street sign

2) Kanye West

What more can we say about Kanye West. The 38-year-old rapper has gone from Hip Hop’s refreshing and introspective voice to its mad hatter. If Kanye West isn’t going off on Twitter and saying some really crazy things then he is making ugly clothes only he and his wife’s family wear. Kanye’s descent into crazy land started when he infamously interrupted Taylor Swift.Since then Kanye’s career has been plagued by baffling rants.


3) Lupe Fiasco

Jay Z once described this rapper as a “breath of fresh air.” Somewhere along the line Lupe Fiasco went off and started making untimely remarks about Obama being a terrorist. Later on he vented publicly about his frustration with his record label and confessed he even cried when a song he initially rejected was given to B.O.B and became a hit. His hardcore political views got him kicked out of an inaugural ball. In 2011 Lupe Fiasco opened up and said he was contemplating suicide. Presently the rapper seems to be doing a whole lot better.

4) Lauryn Hill

From being the amazon of Hip Hop who one 5 Grammys in one night the former Fugees member went off the radar and hardly released any music for a long while except for her baffling second solo album. Later on she will appear at concerts with heavy makeup that made her look out of touch with reality. In 2013 Lauryn Hill went to jail for three months for tax evasion. Lauryn Hill releases music sporadically and they are not as well put together unlike her initial efforts.


5) DMX

DMX is the King of crazy. The rapper who once had the world in his hand is the top dog when it comes to bizarre behaviour like acting as an FBI agent and hijacking a car. DMX has continued to do strange things like walk in the hallway of a hotel naked. His erratic behaviour is down to his drug addiction. Lately DMX has been trying to come back to the rap scene thanks to the help of producer and friend Swizz Beatz.


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