5 Things Model Should Do To Increase Her Celebrity Status


Modupe Orisaguna is presently the darling of the media. Here are 5 things she needs to do to increase her celebrity status.

It’s no doubt that the month of February was stolen by the bread seller turned model Olajumoke Orisaguna. After stumbling on the set of TY Bello‘s  photoshoot for UK rapper Tinie Tempah, Olajumoke turned into an overnight celebrity with her story going viral.

8 funny tweets about Olajumoke Orisaguna that would make you laugh too much8 funny tweets about Olajumoke Orisaguna that would make you laugh too much

While her story still remains very intriguing Olajumoke Orisaguna would have to do a lot more to increase her presence and popularity in the Nigerian entertainment scene.

Olajumoke OrisagunaOlajumoke Orisaguna getting prepped

Below are five things she can do to increase her popularity.

  1. Have a TV reality show – Having a TV reality show will boost her popularity more and increase her celebrity status. As Olajumoke moves around in her new job, goes to several meetings and attends different events the camera can follow her around as she adjusts into her new life. The reality show should also reveal members of her family, her husbands and her kids. The TV reality show should be called ‘Jumoke The Model‘ or ‘The Bread Seller Model‘.

  2. Have a biopic – Knowing how fast Yoruba movie producers jump on trends, Olajumoke and her management should move as fast as possible to shoot a movie based on her life. This idea is a no-brainer. It will be an instant hit. The movie about Olajumoke’s life leading up to her photo bombing Tinie Tempah’s shoot should go straight to VCD. A mass market approach should be used so that the movie can hit the grassroots.

  3. Start a vlog – We are in the era of social media aren’t we? Olajumoke currently has an Instagram account, and that is good. To reach out to more people on an intimate and personal level, it won’t be a bad idea for her to start a vlog. It shouldn’t be anything grand just a webcam recording of her talking. She can start off with speaking in Yoruba then as she gets better in English she can start doing the vlog in English. Think of the views and impact she will get from that.

  4. Feature in a music video – Olajumoke Orisaguna should be in a next music video, but not any music video. She needs to make a strong feature in a video by an artiste like Adekunle Gold who has mass appeal and still remains classy. Other good examples are Asa and Darey Art Alade.

  5. Start her own bread – Last but not least Olajumoke Orisaguna should start her own brand of bread. It should be called Olajumoke’s  Bread and the logo should be a silhouette of her famous bread carrying photo. Her brand of bread will sell like hot cake. Both the rich and poor will patronise it.

Olajumoke OrisagunaOlajumoke Orisaguna in April By Kunbi

Last week Olajumoke Orisaguna was unveiled as the face of Shirley’s Confectionery in Abuja.


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