8 Tips For Song Writing

In song writing you need to consider elements such as harmony, lyrics, melody, rhythm and structure.

As a rapper/singer one of the important elements required for your melody is lyric.

Lyrics are the words sang by a singer. Many musicians tend to write and create a format based on music around them, this is not necessarily a bad thing, but this doesn’t work for everyone. Songwriters tend to approach this skill in different ways.

In song writing you need to consider elements such as harmony, lyrics, melody, rhythm and structure.

Here are some ideas to help you get started with writing that great song:

1. Look around you.

Inspiration can come from anywhere. There are stories all around us: in the environment, our interactions, our jobs, relationships, experiences and more.

Inspiration can come from things you are passionate about. For instance, some rappers deliver lyrics about women, cars, other material things and being better than everyone else.

2. The goal

What is the point of the song? There should be a story. Write lyrics that will engage and impact on your listener. The best way to do this is to connect with your emotions.

Find different words to express your emotions. You can examineWizkid‘s ‘Ojuelegba‘ as a song that connects with its listeners.

3. Write a catchy hook

A catchy hook/chorus helps create a footing for the song. You can listen to some of Davido‘s songs like ‘Skelewu‘, ‘All of you‘, ‘Dami duro‘ and ‘Aye‘.

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4. Write down your ideas


As an idea comes to you, write it down. Write down your dreams and your emotions. You can always expand on them.

It also helps if you write down potential song titles. This can help you come up with new material.

5. Go outside

If you find yourself stuck on lyrics, take a break, do something else and then come back to it. You can also try out new activities and talk to people – this can help you with adopting new creative angles.

6. Work on your melody

Playing a meldoy as you write can help boost your creative juices 

A good melody can also help with the lyric. Try writing while playing a musical instrument or listening to a melody. You can always build your song around this.

7. Re-write your song

Don’t restrict yourself to what you’ve just written down. You can always edit this, so don’t bother if the last line wasn’t great, just keep flowing.

Rhyming helps engage the listener with the music. Get a rhyming dictionary and thesaurus – these are good recourses for any songwriter.

8. Collaborate

If you get stuck or find it difficult to come up with your own lyrics, you can always get a songwriter to help you out.


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