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For a while now angry Gambians have been flooding our emails and inboxes telling us to please beg nollywood actress Angela Okorie to stay out of Gambian Politics.

According to the emails we have been receiving Angela Okorie is currently in Gambia seriously campiagning for the incumbent Dictator Yahya Jammeh.


One angry Gambian man Mr Gee Saho Has Been Flooding Our Comment Section with hate posts well see one below;

Please nigerian advice this prostitute to stay out of gambian politics before we killed her. She is campaign for the dictetor jammeh in our up coming electoin. Gambian don’t any nigerian puzzy around country in terms of electing our rights. We are going to killed this bastard,angela1

Well Aunty Angela Hope You Have Heard?

Another comment said

Sima Kemo; Nigerian Nollywood actors and actresses Please stop campaigning with the president of The Gambia. That is not your role, at least not in a foreign country. The money you enjoying belongs to the poor Gambia citizens who struggles to put food on the table. Understand the struggle the Gambians are going true in order to bring this despotic regime to and end. have respect Scamming Nigerian Celebrities, have Empathy.

Mike Dabo: Government of the Gambia use Nigerian judges to send our people’s to prison everyday An now Nigerian go to Gambia to help the dictator yaya jammeh to win the election why that

Please help us to expose them they Gambia president pay them money to go and campaigns for him to win the election Gambian people’s are suffering now everyone turn his back against the president we all want to vote for the oppositions but now the Nigerian are the to help the dictator to win the election for there on selfish interest and all the Nigerian have gambian voters card and they win vote for the president

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Mariam: Good day Nigeria
Alert alert alert
Angela okorie and some Nigerian actors and actresses in the Gambia to take part in our upcoming election
She claims that she is paid to campaign and vote for the incumbent
Pls help us spread the news
Nigeria is a good friend to the Gambia
The Gambian president has cause lots of atrocities and I don’t think someone in his/her full common sense should help a dictator

Justice: Hi haw are you, i always follow your page an is very interesting too

Ok i want to share a vital information with you, concerning about few nigerian actors involving in Gambia politics as heading to december 1, pls send me tur whatApp i send the vodeo, because at this moment thousands of gambians are so angrt abt that signaling an worning them to stay back, and according to the source that they are illigally regestered to vote for the incumbent president naw,