Any Church That Requires You To Pay For Anything Is Fraud –Ghanaian Actress, Lydia Forson

Lydia Forson

I really hope this isn’t true because if it is, well I don’t even know anymore.

You see how in the name of “thou shalt not judge nor touch my anointed” we are letting people get away with all sorts in this country?

When did miracles start going on sale?

And how different is this from going to a fetish priest and buying some concoction to get a miracle?

If Jesus had made people buy any of his miracles, I doubt you could afford.

I say this with VIM, any church that requires you to pay for special water, bread, soap etc is a fraud.

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Because think about it, are we to say this we can afford won’t be healed?

Its really breaks my heart how we’ve allowed religion to be used as a form of manipulation and a way to keep us in the dark.

Black people STAND UP!

Read Read Read and grow your minds.

Break out of the mental prison your mind is in.

It’s the only way we can ever grow as a continent and a people.

Source: Lydia Forson/facebook

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