Beauty Pageant Is Not All About Your Outer Looks But Your Inner Self As Well”, Ayanfe Falana, MBGE 2016

ayanfe falana

Nineteen-year-old Ayanfe Falana who won the Most Beautiful Girl in Eko beauty pageant, tells Saturday Beats about her reign

How do you feel being a beauty queen?

I feel good. I am happy about it most especially because I have to impact on the society. I will touch lives and reach out to people. The thought of what I intend to achieve during my reign already excites me.

But there are other more popular beauty pageants, why didn’t you go for them?

The contest was done when I was free. I was running a diploma programme at the University of Lagos and when I finished my programme, that was the pageant that was about to hold and I had to go for it. And then again, this pageant has to do with Lagos State and I wanted to represent my state, Ekiti, in Lagos. I am glad I was part of it.

Most people do not really allow their wards to contest in beauty pageants because they frown at the way  girls wear skimpy dresses like bikini, didn’t you mind exposing your body during the contest?

I can really say the way most people criticise and see beauty pageant is not really the true situation. I know there are some pageants that you contest and you are required to show your body as you are meant to wear bikini and such stuff. But that is not the case here. This beauty pageant is not all about your outer looks but your inner self as well. It has to do with your confidence, charisma and your intelligence. Even if you expose your body, it doesn’t mean that you would win.

Did you expect you were going to win?

I am usually positive minded when it comes to matters concerning me. Even if it was obvious I wasn’t going to win, I still wouldn’t have told myself I would not win. I still would have been positive till the very last. I am also a very prayerful person. Prayers do a lot of things and make things work when you need them to work. I kept praying about it and I thank God I made it.

Did you see anybody as a rival during the pageant?

Oh yes. One was called Ruth and the other Amaka. Unfortunately, they weren’t among the top five.

What do you think was the reason the judges chose you to be the winner?

I don’t really know. But I think we were scored in the camp and the event proper. I did my best and I know the others did their best. The judges might not have known how we were during our stay in the camp. They couldn’t have known about our attitudes. I think I was in my best behaviour in the camp and I would have earned high scores for that.

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Won’t being a beauty queen affect your normal life?

No. I don’t intend to change my lifestyle because I am a queen. This is me. I don’t intend to have a defiant air. Pride has never been one of my traits, so I don’t intend to allow my new status to change my character.

Are you saying you have not changed since you became a beauty queen?

Definitely, you have to develop yourself and that is what I have done. I have not put on any ego, I am not pompous. However, people have always respected me even before I became a queen because I also try to respect myself at all times.

Did you contest for any beauty pageant in school?

No. But I entered a picture competition called Education Face and I won. I am done with my diploma programme in school, I would go back to school for my degree later in the year.

Would you say you have more admirers now that you are a beauty queen?

I would say yes. But it has not affected me in any way. I am still myself. My no is still my no; so being a beauty queen doesn’t change anything. My answer two years ago for those who asked me out is still the same answer now.

Did your parents support you when you decided to enter for a beauty pageant?

They gave me their support. My mother is an evangelist.

How come an evangelist allowed you to contest in a beauty pageant?

I have parents who are enlightened and they know what I can do, they know their daughter and they know I will not go astray.

What are we going to expect from you?

I have a pet project which involves visiting the orphanages and helping the needy.

But most beauty queens always come up with one pet project or the other, but it doesn’t see the light of the day all through their reign. What do you think?

That is where I am going to make a difference. I don’t want to be like a governor who would campaign during an election and promise to provide electricity and water for the populace and he would end up not doing anything all through his term. I am a focused person and I intend to fulfil what I have set out to do during my reign.

Do we see you contesting for another pageant after this?

Oh yes, after my one year reign, I might likely contest in another beauty pageant.

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