I Can Speak English More Than You Can – Fathia Balogun Slams Haters

Fathia Balogun

Nollywood actress Fathia Balogun is not happy with discrimination in Nollywood. The actress also spoke on the cancelled Kano film village by the federal government following opposition from Islamic clerics. Balogun was recently given an Islamic title in Lagos. The federal government had planned releasing 1 billion naira for the kickoff of a 20-hectare film village aimed at creating jobs and bringing local films to high standard.

In July, 2016, The Nigerian government cancelled plans for a film village in Kano. Top Yoruba actress and Africa Magic Viewers Choice Award winner, Fathia Balogun has spoken up against the cancellation of the proposed film village. Speaking with Pulse, the recently turbaned actress addressed the cancellation of the proposed film village following opposition from Islamic clerics. She said: “For me, I think they are not ready. Everybody will come together and have a film village.

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We have just one film village in America, I think. So why have Lagos film village, Kaduna film village, something film village? We should have one big film village for everyone to shoot their movie and go.” “Giving one person does not mean it’s not for everybody. So I think giving them money to do that is for Nollywood.” The actress also spoke on the discrimination in Nollywood, the actress said: “If I do Yoruba movie doesn’t mean I can’t speak English. Or because you do English movies, you can speak English more than me. No! Give me my script, and I will read it, and I will do it.” “For me, Nollywood is Nollywood. There is nothing like English actor, Yoruba actor. We are all doing movies.” Balogun was conferred with an Islamic chieftaincy title the Atesin’se Adinni on Sunday, June 26, 2016 by Taboola Sponsored Links

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