Charly Boy Shows Off Son From Another Woman

Charly Boy

Charly Boy

Remember that infamous interview Charly Boy’s wife, Lady D granted where she revealed he had seven kids from his away matches?

Charles is a charmer. He had 7kids from his away matches and the women he married that didn’t work out, before we got married,” she said.

Charly Boy and wife

Well, Charly Boy is slowly confirming that gist by sharing photos of one of his son from an away match.

He took to Instagram yesterday, August 4, 2016 sharing a photo of his son Prince Sly, who is a Fireman, with his mum.

My FireMan son Prince Sly and Mum,” he captioned one image of Sly and his mother.

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He also shared another photo of his son with his grandchild. “My son Sly and his son Donald. Three generations of the Oputa’s,” he captioned it.

In the beginning I wasn’t too sure how to deal with all his children from deferent women, but trust charles he knows how to put his family together. That’s how I overnight became a mother of 9 children plus my last three,” Diane Oputa was once quoted saying.

And it seems like Charly indeed knows how to put his family together and share the love.

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