City FM intern OAP, Ogbuji Grace Amarachi, landed in hot soup after alleging that Comedian Ominiaho wants to blackmail her by releasing her lesbian s*x video.
City FM intern OAP, Ogbuji Grace Amarachi aka Gracia
Following allegations by City FM intern OAP, Ogbuji Grace Amarachi aka Gracia that Comedian Ominiaho also known as Omini plans to release her alleged lesbian s*x video to blackmail her, the revelation has taken a new twist.
According to information posted on the comedian’s Instagram, Gracia has been arrested by the police for making such allegations against the comedian.
In fact, it was revealed that the said lesbian video was shot by Gracia’s friend known as Drea in 2011.
Omini revealed that he never threatened to blackmail Gracia at any point in time and claims that all she wanted was just publicity.
Comedian Ominiaho
While speaking with LIB, he is quoted as saying: ‘I never threatened her with any s*x video, she wants to be an actress, i called her for a shoot sometime she didn’t show up and told her i was going to send her the video so she see what she should have been part of’
‘Please i’ll like her to prove me wrong and state if i ever told her anything about s*x video’
‘I never had any lesbian s*x video talk with her. Never!’
‘Her ex lesbian partner is angry at her and told her I have a s*x video. Lol’
‘I have texts where I asked her if i’ve ever told her anything about s*x video and she’s not replying to the messages. I’m currently at the police station in Ojodu area. Just filed a complaint and arrested her.’
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