‘Marriage Is Beautiful With My Oyinbo Husband’ – Actress Ufuoma Ejenebor McDermott

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The journey into Nol­lywood for actress Ufuoma Stacey Ejeno­bor McDermott, began when she held movies polish spellbound with her delivery in Zeb Ejiro’s The President Must Not Die. Today, she has appeared in many movies alongside top acts like Rita Dominic, Jim Iyke, Oge Okoye, Chio­ma Chukwuka, Zack Orji and many others.

The former beauty queen and model is happily married to Steven McDermott, an American; she opens up on career, marriage, sex and secrets to her trim figure.

What have you been up to lately?

I have been in a couple of films including Wives on Strike, Kings, and This House Is Not For Sale.

Talking about Wives on Strike, what could make you ‘sex- strike’ at home?

(Laughs) Whatever it is, it should be a personal reason. Maybe, that is a bit extreme, but I have always be­lieved in dialogue compared to strike.

You are a part of the cast of new TV series, Duplicity, what is it all about?

Duplicity is a series that would make viewers stay glued to their TV sets. It is a must-watch for everyone.

This is the first time we are seeing you play twin roles, how was the experience?

I liked the fact that the characters were direct opposites. It afforded me the opportunity to show my dexterity. I jumped on the script the first time I read it.

Do you usually sit back, watch and critique your movies?

Of course I do. I try as much as I can to up my game and do better.

You have been doing movies and going on tours. How do you merge all these with family?

Somehow you have to put your life together in order of scale of prefer­ence. It is all about proper planning and arrangements; that is the basic thing that everyone should know how to handle.

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You’ve been married for six years and the union is blessed with two adorable kids but some of your colleagues are scared of marriage. What’s your advice for them?

Marriage is beautiful. I don’t think that there is anybody who would not agree that it is indeed a beautiful thing. But we all know that inside a marriage, there are two people involved, so it is normal for you guys to have friction and stuffs like that. As long as it is not domestic violence, don’t take it too seriously. Sit down with your partner, dialogue and find a solution. Understand your differences and try as much as you can to resolve it. If it is an extreme case, you can bring in family members to intervene.

At what point should a woman walk out of a marriage?

I don’t know! That is an individual decision.

How have you been coping with marriage to a foreigner?

It makes no difference. There might be a bit of cultural differences but it is all about understanding and dialogue. Do lots of talking with your partner and get any issue resolved amicably.

When stepping out for social functions, how do you like to dress?

Simple, chic and classy!

After two kids, you still look great. What is the secret?

Honestly, I am very lucky. I am not the kind of person who doesn’t have breakouts. I don’t wear make-up all the time. I also do spas and lots of exercise. I hardly gym but I like to run mornings and evenings. I don’t like rice and bread. I try to eat right, lots of fruits, veggies and the likes.

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