Dencia Slams ‘Black’ Americans/Media, Says they are Ignorant


Yesterday, Dencia finally added voice to the raging conversation about the controversial Gap Kids ad which shows a white girl using a black child as arm rest, a photoshoot critics described as insensitive and racist. Gap was forced to apologise and take down the ad,


But yesterday, an old ad from same clothing store surfaced on social media which shows a black child using a white girl as arm rest; the ad was from last year and didn’t cause any stir.

Dencia Slams ‘Black’ Americans/Media, Says they are Ignorant!

Now, the ad is raising a few eyebrows, especially from people who are now criticising African Americans of complaining too much about racism. One of those people is the US-based singer Dencia who took to Instagram to describe them as ignorant people who don’t do research but are quick to jump into a fight.

Read her post:

It’s weird how the black media in America works.They always do all the can to make black people go ham on dumb shit,they encourage people to go start fights & some even die.I see celebrities telling their fans to go protest while they seat in the comfort of their homes.

I wish people will start thinking for themselves.The Ad below with the white girl resting on the black girl caused so much racial drama on social media like people were talking about boycotting the company, protesting (that’s all they do start stupid protest that never leads to anywhere) meanwhile the top picture is an ad from same company that this same media never showed u guys or even came back and said oh never mind that company had something similar before we apologize,so it was racist because a white girl was using a black girl to rest her arm but the other way around wasn’t huh?

Racism does exist but can we really pick what is really racist and stop making everything about race? It’s so bad that normal things nowadays people will scream racism so when real racism happens no one takes it seriously.

People need to do more research before reacting FR.Racism is real so is tribalism and these kids are just shooting a fun innocent campaign. Chill humans chill. #BlackMedia #racism#Race #colorism #protest#AngryHumans#ChillGuysChill“

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