Funke Akindele Finally Reacts to ‘Marriage Reports’ with JJC


Few weeks ago, we brought you reports on how singer, JJC Skillz popped a marriage proposal question to comic award winning actress, Funke Akindele.

In a recent interview with The Punch Newspaper, the actress popularly known as known as Jenifa reacted to the engagement news.


News made the rounds some weeks back that you were planning to remarry. Would the wedding bells ring again soon?

I really don’t like discussing my private life anymore because it is better to keep that part of your life secret. A lot of people are watching and sometimes you read a lot of negative comments about you which could make you want to derail, so it is better to keep matters of the heart close to the heart. I am the one in it and I know what is good for me. I am sorry; I don’t want to talk about anything that has to do with my private life.

She also spoke about her relationship with her fans:

Some people believe that you are arrogant and proud. Are you that kind of person?

I am not arrogant but sometimes I might not be in the mood for some things. A publisher of a magazine called me recently and told me that his people said they saw me at AMVCA and that I refused to grant them an interview. I explained to him that when I asked the reporter what the interview was about, she said it was about me. I didn’t want to answer some (personal) questions, so that was why I said that I was not answering any question that did not have to do with the event. I am not an arrogant person. I am very approachable and polite. I can be cranky sometimes but trust me; I would always fake a smile.

What ticks you off?

Some fans would look at me and say, ‘can’t you greet?’ and most times, I am older than such people. They would not say ‘hi’ to me but they expect that I should always wear a smile and wave at everybody. When I see elderly people, I always greet them first; that is the way I am raised.

I remember when I was in Atlanta and we were on our way to Jamaica with AY. We were in the Tube going to another side of the airport when I saw a Nigerian woman standing. I stood up and offered her my seat and she was shocked that I could do such a thing, especially as we were in the US. I appreciate my fans and there is never a dull moment when we are together. I smile and greet all my fans, but I may not take pictures all the time, especially when I’m not wearing make-up, when I’m tying a scarf or when I’m without my sunglasses. I don’t take such pictures because when they get posted online, some people would start adding their silly comments.

How do you react to such comments?

Sometimes, I check some comments on my Instagram page, greet some fans and reply others. I appreciate some people and follow them back and this makes them feel loved. You can imagine if Beyonce answers me on Instagram, I am not going to sleep that day.

Someone was complaining about how a Nigerian celebrity was wearing a wide smile on her face when she took a picture with Ciara. I said that if I had the opportunity to meet Ciara, I would be smiling like a little girl. The way Ciara took pictures with little children made me cry at home as I watched it. I called Darey and I began praying for him because he brought a beautiful soul to Nigeria. That little gesture from Ciara would change lives and I have learnt from it. Everything is not about money. You could go to some rural areas just to put a smile on the faces of these kids.

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