Got Your Contacts On??? Here Are 6 Things You Must Never Do


Many Nigerians who wear contacts wear if for different reasons, while it is worn by some to correct poor vision, some spot them for cosmetic reasons. Whether yours were recommended by a doctor or by yourself to make your eyes look more prettier, these are compiled 6 rules you must adhere to, so you don’t end up loosing your eyes or ruining your lens…

Spraying – If you’re planning on using hairspray, then you should wait to put in your contact lenses. Do your hair, spray it with whatever you’d like, and then wait for the room to clear before you put in your contacts. Otherwise, you could end up getting the spray stuck to your contacts, even if you keep your eyes closed while you’re doing the actual spraying.

Swimming – When you do go swimming, you shouldn’t have your contact lens on because water might enter your eyes while swimming, your contacts might just fall out. Of course you know that swimming pools are filled with chlorine and chlorine isn’t good for them.

Sleep – Many people who use contact make this mistake a lot! Never fall asleep in your contacts, even if it’s only for an hour or two. The tissue of your eye really needs oxygen, otherwise it will begin to swell up and cause your vision to become blurred. If your eye tissue continues to be deprived of the oxygen it needs, then in extreme cases some small blood vessels may develop into the cornea in order to supply the tissue with the required oxygen. Left unchecked these blood vessels may grow long enough to block the vision permanently. Keeping contact lenses in is like keeping the eye underwater without any oxygen for days at a time. Also, sleeping with contact lenses does not give the eyes a break and therefore the eyes are more likely to suffer an infection, inflammation and abrasions.

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Rubbing – Rubbing your eyes generally is medically unsafe but doing so with your contacts on is even worse. Rubbing your eyes when you wear contact lenses will push bacteria, dirt or dust into the lens which could cause infection to the eyes. Also if you rub your eyes too much, the lenses may scratch your cornea and that is dangerous too.

Taking a shower – Showering while wearing contact lenses is similar to swimming or sleeping with them in, and as you have already learnt, its a dangerous thing to do. Contact lenses should be removed before coming into contact with any water, including shower water. Leaving your contact lenses in while showering may be more convenient, but doing so can lead to an infection that may cause pain, visual impairment and blindness.

Riding – Do not  ride in a convertible with its top down or an okada if you’re wearing your contacts. Why? Because all of that wind is unhealthy. So if you must, make sure you have a pair of sunglasses to place over your contacts.

Hope you learnt something???


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