Renowned Nollywood actress, Mercy Johnson-Okojie, has shared her journey to stardom, as she recalled how N50, 000 once meant the world to her
The mother of three said she ventured into the movie industry after she initially failed her JAMB exams.
Mercy made this known in a recently released video autobiography on her youtube channel, REALMJO.

“Things weren’t extremely rosy, so I know what it means to be hungry.

I know what it means to lack something. And I know what it means to work hard to achieve something.
“I agreed to act for free in the ‘Maid’ but after the movie which brought me to limelight, the EP thought I did a great job so he gave me N50, 000.
“I held the money like; you will have to kill me to take it away from me. “It meant a lot, it was like a Messiah at that point in cash.
“So, there goes my biggest phobia, which is going back to nothing, the fear of going back to my humble beginnings.”