I’m In Love With RMD And Can’t Wait To Make Yellow Eba And Efo For My Crush Of 4 Years – Female Fan Cries Out


Prolific and dashing Nollywood Actor, Richard Mofe Damijo replied an obsessed 29-year-old female fan of  his who has over 3,000 photos of him and claimed to have been single for four years and has been drinking anointing oil because she has been waiting for the married actor.

RMD’s female fan first shared this on Joro Olumofin’s Instagram page.


Read Richard Mofe Damijo’s epic reply:

“So that’s how you’ll be in your lane minding your business and someone would be making hot yellow eba and efo riro for you abi? but on a more serious and personal note, this is not me trying to ridicule the writer but humour is a great defence mechanism for me so Dear writer, I totally understand how easy it is for you and a couple of others to think you’re “in love” with me and/or other celebrities but what you actually love is the idea of RMD not RMD.
All of you that want to be with me won’t last a week because I am not the perfect husband or father you may think I am.
I forget little details, fart in bed with my wife, get impatient with my kids, have mood swings, squeeze the toothpaste tube from the middle, leave wet towels on the bed, yea you may think I’m cool and perfect but Mrs Adejumobi Mofe-Damijo my ONLY wife disagrees and you know what? I agree with her because she is absolutely right and the perfect RMD you perceive is a creation of the woman who genuinely loves me and is there on the sidelines cheering me on and keeping me grounded.
My prayer for you today is that you find the man for you and give you the wisdom to mold him into perfection. #RMDSaysSo”

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