Joju Muse: ‘I Am Not Sorry For Speaking Up Against My Brother’ (PHOTOS)


Upcoming Nigerian actress, April Joju Muse who was beaten by her younger brother, who is just 19-year-old, over an argument, three days ago has revealed she is not sorry for speaking up against him.

Joju Muse

Joju Muse

Revealing what triggered the incident, she said, “It was because I told him to do the dishes he left since Friday. And he was to return to school on Sunday morning. I’ll stop here. May the devil not creep into your homes,” she said.

Joju Muse

Joju Muse

Responding to criticisms she was getting for ‘disgracing’ herself and family by sharing what happened via social media, she took to Facebook yesterday, May 24, 2016 writing,

Some people arent thinking right sha…. u got beaten and u posted pics online,brothers nd sisters fight. bla bla bla… its a family issue not a social media thing,u are blowing tins out of proportion!!! oh really? i dont see it that way am sorry. its because of dumb silences we have so many manics roaming the streets causing harm to other peoples kids. Violence starts in a day but the way u handle it determines if it stops. if i had died,it wld av been a differnt story circulating based on family coding and some1 elses daughter becomes the next victim. this is my own way of discipline. disgrace him openly nd let him know its unacceptable. at least i didnt get him arrested nd i ddnt give up his identity and detailed info on what led to the brutal attack cos its all based on parental favoritism and religious fanaticism. if disgracing myslf and my family by speaking out against this will make my brother a better man and save a life in future and also create awareness against sibling abuse which has led to grievous regrettable circumstances in most homes then am not sorry.

She also thanked fans who reached out to her saying she’s gradually healing.

As shared by April Joju Muse on FacebookAs shared by April Joju Muse on Facebook

Joju Muse rose to stardom when she emerged the 3rd runner-up of the Next Movie Star Reality TV show in 2012.

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