La Rivers: “Spider Man 3” Actress Sues New York Restaurant, Manager For Assault


La Rivers, an actress, who appeared in Spider-Man 3, has instituted a lawsuit against New York situated expensive restaurant, Beautique and its manager for an assault on her person.

According to a report by Page Six, La Rivers claimed a drunk manager, whose name was given as Edward Moffett, allegedly slammed her to the ground – leaving her with a broken nose and bloodied face – while fighting her for a cab near closing time.

While Rivers is suing both the club and Moffett for unspecified damages, the actress’ suit says the 42-year old restaurant manager has a prior criminal history, is facing assault and harassment charges.

In the words of the actress while addressing media menoutside Manhattan Supreme Court on Wednesday, June 1, 2016, she said, “I was assaulted, knocked unconscious and bloodied. Worse than that, I had my sense of safety and security taken away from me.”

Her attorney, Gloria Allred, said the actress was attacked without warning from a man, who had criminal records.

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In her words, “She was completely sober when she arrived and left Beautique.”

Continuing,  Allred said, ‘She tried to hail a cab outside the club around 2 a.m., Moffett, who had left Beautique around the same time, started screaming angrily at Ms. Rivers, targeting her as a c–t and b—h.

Without any warning, Mr. Moffett attacked Ms. Rivers with such force that she fell to the ground head first,” the suit says.

Rivers was reportedly celebrating the premiere of her short film “Love for Passion” at the Manhattan Film Festival in June 2015 when she went visited the celebrity funspot to meet with her father.

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