Meet The Rihanna Look-Alike Who Is Making A Career Out Of Her Resemblance….

A selfie from Andele Lara's Instagram account where she has a huge following because of her resemblance to Rihanna. Andele is a dead ringer for Bajan pop star Rihanna. The student from Boston, Massachusetts canít step out the house without being mobbed by screaming Rihanna fans. Strangers follow Andele on her way to work and send her fan mail whilst companies pay her thousands of pounds to endorse their products ñ making her life not too dissimilar to the Umbrella singer.  Ö  PIC BY NEWS DOG MEDIA - 0121 246 1932 Ö SEE COPY
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A 22-year-old student named Andele Lara from Boston is walking around as if she is really Rihanna.

According to Daily Mail, Andele says she can’t go a day without hearing that she looks like the pop star and Rihanna fans actually come up to her and ask for autographs and photos, they even write her fan mail! Geez.

What do you think? Does Andele look like Rihanna?
Okay, this look is spot on!

Andele tells Daily Mail, it really makes a Rihanna fan happy to think they really met the star. And check this… it looks like Andele has found her calling and is going to become a full-time Rihanna lookalike as her way of making a living.

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“Strangers follow Andele on her way to work and send her fan mail whilst companies pay her thousands of pounds to endorse their products,” Daily Mail reports. 

Andele said, “People began approaching me in the street asking if I was her and I would see photos of myself going viral on social media.”

Hey, whatever works! She does look like Rihanna, so she’s just soaking up what comes along with it… including companies paying her thousands to endorse their products. Rihanna gonna be like, hey, where’s my cut?! Hahaa.

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