Naked Kaffy!!! Dancer And Mother of Two Strips For the Camera Says “Her body is God’s temple”


Nudity, no doubt, trends in the entertainment world and recently the internet broke with a picture of naked Kaffy. However, the dancer said her body is God’s temple.

So far, the energetic entertainer and mother of two, has built a successful career keeping it decent. Kaffy has inspired a lot of young dancers as well as supported most Nigerian musicians as their video vixen, all of these she did with her body not-so exposed.

Well, Kaffy has now joined the list of Nigerian Entertainers Who Posed Unclad Without ShameAs a dancer and work-out addict, Kaffy has an amazing post body that most women envy but does that give her a ticket to change from Kaffy to Naked Kaffy?

Although her vital parts were well covered with her hands and black panties, some Nigerians are not happy with the fact that she posed nude for a camera, considering the fact that she is married with children.

According to the dancer, she wants women to feel empowered and appreciative of their bodies just like she does hers. A fan of hers did not hold her reservations as she lashed out on social media saying “stop this body art inspirational BS! If you want to show off your body on social media do so without attaching some misleading higher purpose to it. You were inspiration enough with your clothes on.”

“For those of you that feel clothes on or off defines righteousness master of the day of judgment,” Kaffy responded to her critics. “For those of u that think cuz my clothes off will make my daughter and son evil influence expert of character building. The end shall justify.”

Naked Kaffy

The 36-year old, who was rumoured to be 8-years older than her husband, Joseph Ameh, started her dancing career in the late nineties. However, the 2006 Guinness World Book of Records breaker for “Longest Dance Party” has a dance studio, Imagneto Dance Company, where she trains and teaches young dancers.

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