Nollywood Actor, Yul Chibuike Edochie: I’m Tired Of kissing On Set


Nollywood actor, Yul Chibuike Edochie, is tired of kissing ladies on set and so has has set a limit to the kissing scenes he plays.

A man’s dislike: another man’ meat. While most actors are looking forward to free kissing, Yul is no longer excited about it.

“At a point, I had to limit the kissing scenes I play. I know I did a lot of that while I was still young in the industry, but at this stage of my career, I reject a lot of roles that has to do with kissing and romancing. I can do romance scenes for you, perfectly without kissing. I can act that I am madly in love with a girl, without getting so romantic with her,” he said.

“A lady was once angry I didn’t kiss her. This particular one, saw the script and was jumping that she was going to kiss me but I was tired of the kissing thing and asked the director to allow me do it without the ‘kissing’. When the actress heard it, she was like ‘I have kissed so….so and so person’, but won’t do the same to her? She flared up. It was quite funny and annoying too,” he added.

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