Nollywood Actresses Accused of Going To Gambia For ‘Runz’ Finally Speak Up [PICS]

Early in the month, popular blogger, SDK wrote a piece in her Rumor Has It column that claimed three actresses went to Gambia to pay a visit to the President.

Some actresses got fingered by the report given in the writeup, which caused an uproar due to their popularity. Weeks after MOYO Lawal, Peggy Ovire and possibly Mimi Orijiekwe were accused of sleeping with unknown fellows in the Islamic West African country, Moyo and Peggy have reacted to the report on social media.. Calling it nothing but lies.

Moyo took her gram and wrote;

The only reason …..I answered the Booty rumours is because ….I need people to realise ,you can actually work for the body you want !!!! Yes you can !!!…….But then you people keep coming up with more ridiculous garbage…………….. Anyways,just so we are clear …….I haven’t granted any interviews  in more than a year !!!!yes ( my last interview was for Nta)………… terrified of interviews,most journalists know ,I run from them at full speed .!!!!! …………..,,.Therefore anybody quoting me is lying!!!….. ….I haven’t granted an interview in a really long time except on set for the movies am filming in!!! ….my only social communication has been through Instagram and twitter @moyolawal … And on  my only real (Moyo lawal) .. Facebook page (you guys really need to stop falling for the fake pages scam jare,then coming to complain to me)……. P.s …you guys know from my page, am just an indoor boring girl who lives out her adventures on camera(even my friends and family complain,I never want to go out)…………if I really was doing something fishy  will ,I put it out in the open???….you guys please be realistic jare and go after the real culprits of all this your ridiculous stories…… Still #thebaddestgoodgirlyouknow ???#moyolawal

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Peggy replied and said the Gambia rumor felt like she was dreaming it.

See below …

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