Peter Okoye’s Career Is Just About To Start


After performing solo recently Peter Okoye is about to embark on his solo career. Find out why he will succeed.

Over the weekend Peter Okoye, 34, performed alone at a night club in Abuja.

His individual performance is a strong signal that it might be over with the iconic group P-Square.

In case you have been living under a rock, the great pop group P-Square has been in a turmoil since February. Peter Okoye who is always the diva publicly demanded that his older brotherJude Okoye stepped down as the manager of P-Square. Jude Okoye did not succumb to his wish, and Peter’s partner & brother Paul Okoye publicly stated that he is staying with Jude Okoye.

Singer Peter Okoye performing as Mr. P at a night club in Abuja Singer Peter Okoye performing as Mr. P at a night club in Abuja

These actions must have forced Peter Okoye to kick start his solo career. Last weekend he released a solo record titled ‘Look into my eyes.’ There is still a slim chance that Peter, Paul and Jude will patch things up, but if they don’t Peter Okoye has made the best decision available to him.


A lot of people have argued that if the twins split up Peter Okoye’s career as a singer and celebrity will dry up because he hardly offered anything to the group. Well it is true that Paul Okoye is the musician of the group but Peter Okoye is the showman and he has played a strong role in making the P-Square brand very successful.

Peter Okoye’20th September’ collection

Peter Okoye might not know how to write a song but he sure knows how to perform them. On stage he brings electricity with his flashy moves and choreographed dance steps. As a matter of facts he breathes life into the numerous P-Square hits.

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In his solo career, Peter Okoye does not need to write songs. He can have songwriters do that for him. Rihanna and Celine Dion don’t write their songs but they know how to perform them. Peter Okoye is an entertainer and performer who can sell a song. Even if his brother won’t be penning songs for him, I doubt Peter Okoye’s music career will fade away.

Singer Peter Okoye Singer Peter Okoye

Going beyond the music Peter Okoye is a true celebrity. Paul Okoye is the introvert that keeps to himself while Peter is the extrovert who mixes and socializes with people. Whether critics like it or not he is the face of the super pop group. Millions of people know who he is. He is strong enough to stand on his own because he is actually more popular than his brother.

Peter Okoye feeling under the weatherPeter Okoye feeling under the weather

Peter Okoye is also the ladies’ man. The singer is on all the hottest male celebrities list. Peter Okoye is regarded as a sex symbol. He remains one of the most desirable men in Nigeria’s entertainment scene. Women want him and lust after him. We all know that female fans play a huge part in the success or failure of a male celebrity’s career. Peter Okoye has loads of them.

If you add all of Peter Okoye’s qualities it’s very hard to see how his celebrity status will dwindle if he goes solo, rather it will triple.


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