Richard Mofe Damijo’s Children Can Never Get Enough Of Him- See The Reasons The Actor Himself Gave

Veteran actor, Richard Mofe Damijo does not only want to stay relevant in the Nollywood industry but also want to be very relevant in his own immediate family where his children will always want to love and be with him at all times.

He made this known when he shared a photo of himself and his two grown up children as he opened up that he has made up his mind to evolve with them, watch what trends for the younger generation and also look for ways to be glued to them without losing relevance.

Little wonder he is always radiating each time you see him, despite his age he can give the younger boys a run for their money. Richard has not failed to give his children the financial, emotional and spiritual stability they needed

In his words, ”When I was younger, I looked at my dad as very old and now, In a changing world when 70 (years old) is the new 40, I wonder how my kids look at me-lol-. I am grateful I can relate better with my children, have conversations rather than just give orders/instructions, have them run up to me when I get home rather than run off into their rooms.

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” I have resolved to evolve with them, watch trends closely and keep finding ways to keep up with them without losing the values I hold dear and want to impart in them.

To every father providing not just financially but also providing the love, acceptance, emotional and spiritual stability their children need. To every father looking for ways to win or retain the confidence of their children in a changing world. To every father striving at being a better dad than our fathers were. To every father who has resolved to raise their kids better than our parents did, I say Happy Father’s Day and I pray for you today that God will furnish you exceedingly and abundantly with all the wisdom and resources you require to be the father your family needs. God bless you all

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