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Considering the fact that, on average, there are more than 28,000 people watching porn on the internet every second, the porn industry is certainly a billion dollar one.

These begs the question, how much do these stars actually make.

CNBC spoke to a few adult entertainers and found that a popular star cashes in a six-figure salary (in British Pounds).

But there’s also the cast and crew working just as hard behind the scenes, so here’s a breakdown of what everyone in the porn industry is earning.

In the industry, women actually make more money than the men.

The superstar who have become household names can rake in millions per year.

The key factors are the level of on-camera experience a girl has and the type of sex act involved.

“When the girls first get into the business and they’re new, I think they can command additional money for different sex acts,” said Steven Hirsch, owner of adult studio Vivid.

“Initially they make more money, then it depends on how popular they become.”
If the actress is doing a “traditional” scene with a male star then she’s likely to pocket between £560 and £700 (between N250000 to N315000) – depending on the production budget.

But top performers can earn as much as £1,050 (N472000) or £1,400 (N630000) per film for their efforts. On the flip side, newcomers with no reputation can be paid as little as £210 (N95000).

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Of course the more extreme the scene then the more money there is to be made from it. An adult actress could take home between £1,260 (N567000) to £1,750 (N787000) for their dirty work.

Generally guys get paid a fixed amount for the scene or for the day, meaning that there’s no pay difference depending on the sex act.

Some award-winning actors like Manuel Ferrara get top dollar, but most will be making much less.

Males are likely to trouser between £350 (N157000) and £420 (N189000) per scene or day depending on their agreement with the studio.

Directors are a lot more hands-on in this industry – sometimes juggling tasks such as location scouting, lighting and shooting as well – and that’s reflected in their pay.

A director of a feature-length film, not a short, is likely to earn around £700 (N315000) or £1,050 (470000) each day with a few pros making upwards of £2,000 (N900000) .

Meanwhile a writer takes home much less, between £175 (78000) and £280 (N126000) for a day’s work, and a cameraperson typically rakes in £500.

Make-up artists and still photographers – who snap shots for marketing purposes – are often paid £350 (N157000) apiece.

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