Seun Egbegbe Writes On Toyin Aimakhu And The #SaveMayowa Saga

toyin abraham

Now this is an idea of what a relationship with an ex should look like. I get so bitter when I see friends that were crazily in love turned to enemies after they break up. Relationships should not be like that.

Yes, some of us are not meant to be with each-other for eternity. But the fact that we have parted doesn’t mean that we should be staunch enemies. We can still meet in the future for any assistance from each other.


Toyin Aimakhu is a actually going through lots at the moment and am sure you are surprised that Seun Egbegbe is stepping in to defend her in her trying times. That’s a real man.

See what he wrote about her concerning the #SaveMayowa Issue on Instagram:

Good Evening friends and fans I hope you all are doing great. I wouldn’t want to jump into a sensitive issue which could affect the well being of myself and my fans, I want to use this medium to show my unflinching support to a friend, sister and a virtuous woman in person of Oluwatoyin Ahimaku.

Its a sad tale to know that our good deeds could lead us into problems by those who came crying for solace and at the end of it all get blamed by same people and their families. Toyin wouldn’t take sides with scammers and fraudulent perpetrators under no circumstances.

The truth has to be told, Toyin is above all these scandalous activities and I repeat she ll never have done this. My comment, views and ions on this issue was never influenced as I hope my fans ll better understand my point.#bestrongoluwatoyinahimaku

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