What Seyi Law Wrote After Admitting His Own Mistakes Will Teach You A Lesson

Seyi Law
After the embarrassing saga that took place at Eko Hotels between Aletile Oluwaseyitan Lawrence aka SeyiLaw and a security guard, the comedian has written an emotional piece after the encounter.
Although he has apologized for his action, some of his fans tackled him on the issue after he gave the security guard three dirty slaps.
One holuwashiergoonn accused him of brutality and assault and wrote: “Hehe get to work bro, don’t waste ypur time nagging with people here @joe_clark0924 .. whoever that seyi is knows he can only try that on Nigeria. Security guard can act rude anywhere even in London but people here with brain will attempt to deal with such security in the right way and not assualted him because that’s criminal charge. Easy one and u going down for it 100%.. @man_with_purpose where in eeurope dd you visit ??and if you you visitor please don’t say anything cos you don’t know nothing about Europe .just visit and go back. During ypu visit did you ever see anyone slapping anyone ??even if such happen no one here will give reason to justify such attitude. It’s humiliating. There are certain words you use on a fellow human being sef and u get F* for it talkless of slapping him 3 times and some silly nigerians see nothing wrong in it. Even if a security is rude to you the best and most appropriate course of action is to report to the management . worst case scenario act like a human being which is exchange words. Only an animal go far to slap a human being in the face 3 times. Until nigerians start to stand up for what’s right and what’s wrong there will never be progress in that country. Wrong is wrong my people.”
SeyiLaw has taken the side of wisdom by writing in a new post admitting that no one is above mistake as he pleads for mercy. He wrote: “Nobody can walk in your shoes. The pains you have endured never counts. I own the responsibility of my mistakes. I can only live the next opportunity better than the last. People are judges of other’s lives neglecting their own baggages.”

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