Shan George Calls Out Soundcity Staff Who Collected 100k From Her To Play Her Song But Refuses To Play It


Shan George has called out a Sound City staff who asked her to pay the sum of N100,000 before her song could be aired on sound city, but refused to play it. According to Shan who posted the evidence of payment on her instagram page this morning, the said amount has been paid into the guy’s account, but the song hasn’t still be aired. When Shan asked him when he hasn’t played her song, he said the song was RUBBISH and can’t be aired on sound city, but dude has refused to refund her N100k. Read What Shan George said below;

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. I am_rosiscky

    February 23, 2016 at 5:26 pm

    I mean no disrespect, You might have actually transacted with the Sound City staff as claimed but the teller presented is not enough evidence to go with your claims and here is why. In every bank across Nigeria, Once a teller receives deposit from the depositor at the bank, there is always a signature followed by the bank Stamp as an indication that the money has been duelly received which the bank officer will now take this white page out of the 3 pages of a teller and gives you two which is always the Pink and the Green one, the Pink copy goes into a box right there at the bank which the other is the customers copy, Thou in some banks colors differs but the white copy which is the first page of a teller is always taken at the point of deposit after the money has been received and the teller stamped. I advice you if you want to pursue this further please present something concrete otherwise you will end up being the hunter that gets hunted. The way i see it i think you are either accusing this person or trying to make head lines for yourself as an artist or Upcoming, i do not live in Nigeria so i do not know which qualifies you the most but i am a full Nigerian Breed.

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