Are You Single? Bobrisky Is Looking For A Cool, Calm Babe As His Girlfriend


Self proclaimed ‘Male Barbie’ Bobrisky, 25, has made a fortune from his unusual lifestyle

The bleaching cream expert is a fan of make-up and light coloured skin and lets this reflect in his appearance despite going against some implicit rules guarding the morality of certain cultures in Nigeria.

In a recent interview with, Bobrisky admits he has fears, talks about him looking for a girlfriend and more.. Read below:

What are your fears Bobrisky?

“I am afraid of going to being Idris. I have tasted good life as Bobrisky and I will not like to ever go back. As Idris, I was a nobody but as Bobrisky, life is sweeter.”

Are you affected by the judgement of your lifestyle from some people?

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“In life, you will always have haters, the important thing is to be yourself always. I see them on my social media page and once in a while i respond but most times, I ignore them.”

Do you have a girlfriend?

“No, not for now.”

When are you getting a girlfriend?

“Soon. I am looking for a calm girl, so soon, I will get one.”

Bae won’t mind you getting a girlfriend?

“Laughs. That’s between bae and I.”

What’s your favourite hobby?

“I like to dance a lot. In fact, I am a bad ass stepper and most of my friends know that.”

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