A rich and popular radio presenter has been exposed for beating his ex-girlfriend to the extent that her teeth were removed.
Nick Odhiambo was exposed by his ex-girlfriend who accused him of violent conduct
A popular radio presenter with Classic 105 FM in Kenya, Nick Odhiambo has been accused of beating and maltreating a woman who claimed to be his ex-girlfriend while they were dating.
Ms Jane Mwai, in an interview published by the Nairobian newspaper, said she used to live with the burly radio host but moved out after what she termed as emotional and physical abuse, NairobiNews reported.
The woman alleged that in one of the fights, Nick Odhiambo broke her teeth. She also narrated how the radio host would lock her up in the house and beat her mercilessly.
As the pattern of violence increased, the two at some point broke up but soon reconciled after Nick had reportedly begged for forgiveness. The two even attended the Yetu Festival last Saturday at Ngong road.
But the event ended tragically after Nick again assaulted her in the car.
“We were coming from Yetu Festival at Ngong Racecourse. I told him I wanted to greet a friend and when I came back he told me that I was trying to spite him.
“He locked me in the car and started beating me till I collapsed. He broke my reading glasses and phone,” she told the newspaper.
However, Nick has expressed regret over his action saying he overreacted after she started flirting with other men. He added that the woman’s habit of smoking weed (cannabis sativa) in his car had pissed him off.