Tiwa Savage ‘Stripped Naked’ By Angry Fan Over Her Failed Marriage

Tiwa Savage
An angry fan that has carefully observed the Teebillz and Tiwa Savage marriage crisis has reacted bitterly by apportioning blames on the Mavin music artiste.
I have no respect for any woman who could not keep her home. Countless other women out there are facing worse issues in their homes yet they always remember that the success of a marriage is 70% dependent on the woman.
For me I will blame Tiwa savage for mishandling the issue, she has given the public gossip dose for the week by exposing her husband and marriage. In marriage people have weaknesses, and one person holds this marriage thing, a good partner works on the weakness rather than craving for perfection. Yes Tee Billz went too extreme with his tweets, if love was there Tiwa Savage would have come up to just refute the accusations against her and family rather than washing her husband in public.
Yes, the husband was very, wrong, for those supporting Tiwa, are you alleging if you slap your wife, she should slap you back in the same measure, that’s exactly what Tiwa Savage did. For crying out loud we are Africans and we have a rich heritage and culture which worked for our parents for centuries. Trying to be white is what is causing all these rubbish, We women of these day no longer know our place in a marriage and if we continue like this, marriage will become obselete soonest and then the family structure will collapse and that is when the real calamity will begin. even if Tiwa has made-up her mind to quit her marriage, that should not be a news for public, talking trash about her husband stealing from her, womanizing, a drug addict, unstable, not providing for their son Jamil, being reckless with money blablabla, exposes her immaturity as a wife and mother. Teebillz needs care and love to heal fast from his suicide driven brain.

Did TIWA suddenly realized her husband was a drug addict, let the truth be told she knew he has such characters and went to alter to say yes I do, why complaining now. Yes the husband went too extreme with his accusation, Tiwa admitted TJ was unstable therefore depressed which prompted the tweet, what she should have done was to thrash out those unbelievable lies rather than exposing the husband.

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The male psyche is a difficult thing to suppress – even in animals- and women – should try to understand the male first before the man….that is the only way you can love the man. unfortunately, in this age, only few women can handle being the financial captain in relationships albeit temporarily…most women lose it- and turn to ugly widow spiders and emasculate their men with their attitude words and actions – it eventually gets ugly. I also wonder what Tiwa’s mum was doing in their house. Mother in laws of this age are also disgraceful. Why not leave your children to face their lives. This is the same thing that happened to Joseph Yobo and he had to go on instagram and warned Adaeze’s mum to stay away from his house and that was when peace returned to his home. Unfortunately, Teebillz does not have money any more so he can ban this strange woman. He made very deep – comments about Tiwa’s mother… I don’t want to talk about that aspect because it is spiritual— we need to investigate and ask a lot of questions at that too.

Both of them share the blame but i will blame Tiwa more cos she is a disappointment and disgrace to the persevering spirit (strength) of the woman. Chikina. Remember TJ is unstable which could be emotional or mentally, if we take mental aspect, do u think its wise to respond to a mentally unstable suicidal person like that. Hmmmmm, my dear it’s not easy but wisdom would have been applied. What solution is public giving them now if not telling them to divorce, separation of which she could have discussed and seek for amicably when the marriage became bitter.

All these nonsense may not be the character of Tee billz before or when she married him, people may argue Tiwa pushed her husband into such characters which may not be wrong if examined. I don’t know when and how the marriage started. I don’t side anyone on this matter, all I am concerned is staying happily or quiting amicably. The Tiwa video has ruin her husband’s career and even led to his inescapable suicide. Both need each others support now to heal.

C.C Ebere

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