Toke Makinwa Blasted On Social Media Over A Recent Advice To Nigerian Ladies


Toke Makinwa, popular media superstar has got herself in trouble with Nigerians concerning comments she made recently.

The 31-year-old in a clip gave ‘advice’ to young ladies to have all the fun they want until they hit the age of 25. She said she wants them to live life on the edge, kiss strangers, have one night stands, pierce multiple parts and have a tattoo.

This obviously didn’t go well with a lot of Nigerians as she has been at the receiving end of a lot of jabs on Twitter.

Here are some posts:


Michael O. Akinpelu @MecoyAkinpelu

Toke Makinwa is an idiot! She needs help! What the hell was she saying??? Lol. Wonders


Tha Emperor @EzraelAni

Toke Makinwa is one of agents the devil assigned to Nigeria to lead Nigerian ladies to hell.

OLISA @iAmTBecks

Uncle @eLDeeTheDon did u see what Aunty Toke Makinwa said in her new VLog ?? Can u see ts not only Amber Rose that is our problem ?


‘DETOLA @iy_gbenro

No, Aunty Toke,
I will not spend my 20’s kissing a stranger, getting a tattoo, or piercing my body.
I would love your weed man’s contact thou

RAJI @RajiDraj

AUNTY TOKE: Do many one night stand as you can. Kiss strangers. Spoil ur life. I didn’t do dos things thou.


Mayowa @maybison

This is why men don’t take women seriously. Advising women 2 be reckless during the phase of life that defines our future. Good job Toke ?


Eze @Pellentini

I’m very sure if it’s a guy that gave such degrading advice to young girls like toke did, I’m sure our twitter feminists won’t let us rest.

Ferdinand @Burmese_Tyga

In a time when the world is going nuts u tell young women to go kiss n fuck strangers, party wild n all that. Thats someones aunty.?


Ferdinand @Burmese_Tyga

But evryday we try to find the source of the problem…its pple like ur aunty Toke who has too much data n no sense. Dishing out sad advice.

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