Widely Misunderstood Fashion Rules You Should Know


Chidinma2-fashionpheevaIn the old days, it was held that there were fashion rules but these days, there are nothing like fashion rules anymore as long as you so far you are comfortable with what you are wearing.

Besides, if there are any fashion rules, they are meant to be broken in a reasonable way since many new rules pop up everyday, benching the old ones. Below are some rules that are outdated already.

rBVaGlXsDCGAawT6AAFtzec8rDE016Don’t wear black or white to a wedding: This is not the 70’s anymore. White and black are colours just like pink, yellow etc. In fact, people are using these two colours more these days for their bridesmaids. So, if you have a cool white or black, less dramatic and gorgeous dress, nothing stops you from wearing it to a wedding. Just play well with your accessories and hit your party.

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wp-1459321758590Navy blue combination and black is a No-No: The combination of these two colours is dope. It gives a strong, serious chic look  and very stylish look.

Mercy-Aigbe-Gentry-Ejiro-Amos-Tafiri-Wrap-Dress-Fashion-Police-NigeriaBlack on black: There has always been the saying that black-on-black is for burials, but that was way back and not anymore. Now, black-on-black is ”bae” now. It even looks better than most colour combination when paired with the right accessories.

ae2b287d58b233f553cd5edc556ec167Don’t wear prints on prints: This is a way cooler fashion now. Well-mixed prints are always absolutely  gorgeous. You cannot be exceptionally gorgeous unless you take fashion risks and slay them. So, take some fashion risks today.

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