Wow!!! Kim Kardashian Reveals The ‘Craziest Place’ She Has Ever Had S*x Before…See Where

One of the world’s most popular reality star, Kim Kardashian has finally talked about the most crazy place she has ever had sex before.

Kim Kardashian
Just a few hours after her sister Khloe blogged about having s*x for the very first time at age 15, Kim Kardashian decided to talk about love and s*x during a Q&A on her website’s livestream.
When asked during the live interview if she was a member of the mile high club, a common slang for those who have had s*xual intercourse on a flight, she simply replied: ‘Am I? Yeah.’
But she went on to stress that she’d only ever do the deed on a private jet and not a public flight, and never on a short distance journey.
‘But like the private,’ she added. ‘I don’t think like a public plane…It would have to be an international flight. It was an international, night flight when no one’s like around.’
The wife of rapper Kanye West, then insisted that an aeroplane isn’t the craziest place she has ever had sex.
She then dropped the bombshell about the craziest place she’s had s*x: ‘It was in a public movie theatre, yeah.’
The ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ star made the revelation while speaking with her assistant Steph who was reading out all the messages.
However, Kim, she refused to reveal if she shared such moments with her husband and rapper Kanye West.

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