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‘Over 60 Million Nigerians Have Mental Disorders’ – Ogun State Commissioner

Dr. Babatunde Ipaye

Dr. Babatunde Ipaye, Commissioner for Health, Ogun state has said that over 60 million Nigerians have various degrees of mental disorder.

Ipaye in Abeokuta told journalists that about 80 percent of people move about with metal disorder without knowing or seeking for help, while 20-25 percent live with a full-blown mental disorder in the country.

He said cases of mental challenges range from a simple minor mood disorder to extreme cases of mental accreditation, adding that one out of every five Nigerians have an extreme mental disorder.

 The commissioner said an event that could trigger minor mood disorder that could finally lead to extreme mental illness are marital pressure, educational and economic pressure.

Ipaye said other pressures are expectation and disappointment, advocating that community mental home should be created across the country to socially manage mental disorder at the grassroots level.

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While urging the federal government to prioritise primary health care intervention for a minor mood disorder, the commissioner said people should always go for regular psychotherapy check-up with no cost implication to manage cases of mental challenges before they get out of hand.

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