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Do You Love Twins? Check Out The Following

Identical sisters Amelia (right) and Jasmine - who have different skin an eye colour. See SWNS story SWTWINS; A mum has told how her one-year-old daughters get mistaken for step-sisters ñ despite the fact theyíre identical twins. During her pregnancy, Libby Appleby, 37, and her partner Tafadzwa Madzimbamuto, 40, were warned their twins would look so alike they would need to ëmark them with inkí to tell them apart. So they were shocked when their twins arrived in February 2015 - with contrasting skin tones. While elder twin Amelia has dark skin, black hair and brown eyes, her sister Jasmine has fair skin, blue eyes and mousey curls. Full-time mum Libby says: ìWe were flabbergasted, even the doctors couldnít believe it. ìThey look like theyíre different races.

Many people have heard about the Igbo Ore. This small town is also called the twin capital of the world. What do they eat there to have so many twins? Get the recipe now!  They call it Ilasa. It’s a soup local women love to eat and cook often.

okra leaf

Okra Leaf

Even scientists are convinced that it has much to do with giving birth to so many twins. Okra leaf is the main ingredient of the soup. Plus they add tomatoes, some onions, and pepper, as well as palm oil and crayfish tables to it. You can cook the delicious dish in about half an hour and enjoy it with your family.

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ilasa okra soup

Ilasa Soup

Eating it regularly over a period of time may help you to conceive twins if that’s what you dream about. Moreover, scientists say twins live longer than regular people. This video below shows you how to cook the delicious soup to boost your fertility! Enjoy and prepare it to give it a try. This soup looks good and promises to do a miracle of helping you to conceive twins!

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