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See Dirtiest Body Part: Even If You Shower Three Times Daily,Probability To Clean THIS Area Is Zero!


Have you ever wonder which part of the body is the most prone to bacteria part or which part of the body is the dirtiest one ? Did you know that even when we shower

There is an area of the body that remains dirty? This body part is the navel. Due to its shape, it gathers sweat, hairs from clothes, dead skin cells, lotion, soap, etc. and it becomes the perfect surrounding for development of microorganisms. Therefore, if you don’t wash it regularly and properly, it will not only begin to spread an unpleasant smell, but there is also the chance of infection. In order to avoid these unpleasant situations, you need to do this:

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Before you shower, soak a cotton swab in medicinal alcohol and then cleanse the navel with it. After showering, take a new cotton swab and pour some shower gel on it and cleanse the navel area. Then, wash the navel with lukewarm water and dry it with a cotton towel.

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